The value for k, the end correction, can be fine-tuned by using the following values
to derive the appropriate end correction figure for each end of the port, then adding them together

Flanged End: 0.425
Free End: 0.307

e.g. if both ends were flanged,
k = 0.425 + 0.425 = 0.850

if one flanged, one free,
k = 0.425 + 0.307 = 0.732

if both ends were free,
k = 0.307 + 0.307 = 0.614

Normally, k=0.732 is assumed

In practice, it's best to use ports that are slightly longer than predicted by the above equations,
then adjust their length until the correct tuning is achieved.
It is much easier to shorten a port than to lengthen it!

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